Mental Warfare


In the military I learned about the different types of #warfare.  One of those types is psychological warfare.  In my work as a #counselor I often focus on helping people see how their #thoughts are infringing upon their mental state, goals, and livelihood.  Combining my #military, #clinical and #spiritual backgrounds, I find a correlation between psychological warfare, mental warfare (cognitive distortion), and spiritual warfare (war waged in the subconscious).

As long as our subconscious thoughts cloud our perspective it skews how we see our reality.  When how we see our reality is skewed that impacts our feelings, emotions, judgment, and actions.  We don’t live isolated so this impacts our relationships and how we engage with others.  Simply defined, psychological warfare is a strategy used by one’s opposition in an attempt to reduce morale, influence opinion, emotions, attitudes and behavior.  By now this should be sounding similar to you.  If not, I will go further.  Spiritually, the enemy is in opposition to the believer and described as our adversary.  The tactic used by this enemy is to devour us. Because the end game is to kill, steal, and destroy the war is waged in our mind.  Thus, we are to be sober ‘minded’ because we are what we think (i.e. as a man thinketh).  Had I really loved science, I would be able to articulate the next portion more phenomenally – bear with me.  Every thought we have produces (releases) certain chemicals in our brain i.e. dopamine, serotonin, oxytocin, and endorphins.  These chemicals impact your mental state, wellness, and can leave you feeling imbalanced and manifest as depression, anxiety, desolate, overwhelmed, etc.

As long as you have irrational and distorted thoughts you are not living maximized.  You are not living free and free indeed with abundance.  You could feel like you are walking around numb and in a funk and it’s all connected to what you are thinking.  What you are thinking is creating a chemical release impacting your entire mood.   If I were more versed in science, I would draw another parallel for chemical warfare,  here but I think you get it.

If you have thoughts in conflict with one another and with reality, there is a war going on.  You may not have recognized this as psychological warfare, but the gig is up.  From this read forward, you have the power, authority, and capacity to take hold of EVERY thought i.e. thought stopping and cause it to be subject (obedient) to truth (i.e. light).  You can arm (whole armor and/or thought arming) yourself with new thoughts (counters) and begin to think on whatever is true, whatever is noble, whatever is right, whatever is pure, whatever is lovely, whatever is admirable.  As your awareness is now raised, you will be more cognizant of what you are thinking and you will begin to question it, challenge it; and if warranted, replace the thought with your new dialogue.  As you begin to do this you begin to change the narrative, the perspective, and how you experience life.  The frequency and prevalence of the distorted thoughts will be reduced, new chemicals will be released and you will be able to enjoy life more.  If after practicing this strategy consistently for 30 days, you experience 0 change then there may be a need to address the chemical imbalance with a physician recommended and approved treatment approach. ~MGc