The Comma

the commaSometimes you have to remind yourself of the intent of the comma. A common SEPARATES to help CLARIFY so that you can ascertain the intended MEANING. A comma signifies a PAUSE.

If you prematurely jump to conclusions and deduct meaning before the comma, you can induce undo stress, tension, worry, frustration, anger, catastrophizing and act impulsively.

Example: Before the comma, it was said, ‘you meant evil against me.’.

Now I must admit if I stop there I could conjure up a host of emotions. Yet, if I remember the function of the comma, pause, exhale, and keep reading after the comma…


The comma lets me separate myself from ill response. The comma allows me to separate myself from my feelings. The comma helps me to remember that though the enemy and those who would be used by him and manipulated for his agenda meant it to harm; He, meant it for my good. The comma provides me perspective. The comma lets me know, no matter what, I WIN. ~MGc

14 thoughts on “The Comma”

  1. Thanks for sharing a great way to start the day! This is a great reminder to “choose” the portion of the story, journey and process that we focus on. I like focusing in the winning! YT


  2. Perfect reminder of the importance of the comma…pause and perspective! Sigh! Now let me integrate that into my days work! Most appreciated.


  3. It’s important for us all to “pause”. It’s in that pause that we can evaluate so many life altering decisions. The pause is also our reminder that there is a “however”. Regardless of the decision, the circumstance, the intentions and what WAS put in motion, the comma is proper and can signify the coexistence of two extremes. Whether it’s an “and”, “but”, “nor”…there is an alternative after the comma. There’s an alternative after the pause. Love it.


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