Cradles were once a very popular item for a nursery.  They don’t seem to be used as much anymore as the crib superseded them.  For all intensive reasons, they serve a similar purpose for a newborn or infant.  During the back to sleep movement, we learned to place infants on their back.  As this gained momentum, we added mobiles to cribs for stimulation and development.  Some of those mobiles include music and movement.  In wonder the infant locks eyes and gazes at the mobile suspended above.  Delight is evident in their eyes.  Their eyes seemingly dance in awe.

Now that you have that context and visual imagery; recognize the symbolism for adults.  Zephaniah 3:17 NKJV emphasizes that God is in our midst.  It is said that while in the cradle or crib, infants are playing with angels.  The presence of God is with us in this same way  – The Lord your God in your midst.  As we posture ourselves like those infants in the back to sleep position, we are open to breathe, receive, and develop.  We can rest in the reality that He is over us.  The reality of this allows us to fall into rest or slumber just like those infants.  We are able to rest because He is settling us – He will quite you.  Not only is He over us but He declares praise over us – He will rejoice over you with singing.  Imagine praise settling on you like early morning dew.  As you embrace this, like the infant a soft smile and coy grin is your response.

Like a cradled baby, He is rejoicing over us. Forever and always.


7 thoughts on “Cradled”

  1. Thanks for this positive and enlightening message. I find that when I am utterly exhausted and feeling overwhelmed (on my back because it’s too hard to get up) is when I seek Him most. What I once saw as desperation, I will now view it as a renewed desire to be open to Him. 😊


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