Goal Identification Worksheet


Goal Identification

Directions: Think about some things you want to accomplish.  These include ideas, hopes, and dreams.  As you think about these things, do not limit the possibilities.  In accordance with the timeframes indicated, list goals under each category provided.  MGc will focus on the like now and right around the corner goals with you.  These goals are very important so, take them seriously.

Someday:  Long Term Goals (5-10 years)




Near Future: Intermediate Term Goals (1 – 4 years)




Right Around the Corner:  Short Term Goals (3 – 12 months)




Like Now:  Immediate Term Goals (0 – 90 days)



After you have indicated goals for each category, go back and rank order the goals within each category in order of priority chronologically i.e. with #1 being the first priority.  Be sure to do a rank order for each category separately.

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