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MG Consultation, LLC (MGc) believes in people and wants to see people win. Dr. Maranda Griffin is the game changer behind MGc. She has an innate ability to champion people to success. She couples her personal experiences, professional preparation, and expertise to support others to their success.
                                                                                                                                                                          MGc offers broad based services to help maximize personal and professional potential. Grounded in faith, MGc couples motivation and readiness to help its clients develop and achieve success. An ‘all in’ approach is used to help break the code to reaching goals and destiny.
MGc has transformed opportunity into outcome by creating measurable success strategies to assist clients in achieving personal and professional wins. At MGc, we believe that people have within them, the capacity to succeed, but are challenged with identifying and overcoming obstacles along the way. Once we have identified those obstacles, we develop a custom approach that targets all aspects of behaviors to win the desired outcome.
A core value of MGc is intentionality. If you are ready to be intentional, MGc can provide sound guidance and strategies that help you fully embrace purpose and achieve your goals. Personal and Professional Services include clinical counseling and therapy services, coaching, consultation, grant writing, mentoring, policy development, quality assurance/performance improvement, small groups, speaking engagements, and strategic planning.
A more detailed career history is provided at LinkedIn.