Say Yes to You

Say Yes to You

It is so easy to allow yourself to be pulled in multiple directions which makes it hard to balance competing responsibilities.  This daily juggle can become overwhelming and oftentimes the first thing we sacrifice is ourselves.  Specifically, we place our personal goals, desires and aspirations on the back burner.  This can cause living in regret and unfulfilled.

It is important to Say Yes to You!  When you Say Yes to You, you allow yourself to be a priority no matter the number of directions that you may be pulled in.  You realize that not everything on your list of responsibilities is actually yours and as such you do not have to prioritize it.  The more you Say Yes to You the greater fulfillment you will have.  You will live energized as you are setting your needs and self as a priority.  Think about who or what you might need to say no to so that you can begin Say(ing) Yes to You.  One way that I Say Yes to You is to set aside time each day, before I do anyone else’s work, to work towards my own personal goals, dreams, desires, and aspirations.  It really helps me to feel accomplished and value the wins so that at the end of the quarter or the end of the year my vision isn’t just a fantasy but a reality because I’ve said yes to me.  You are worth your yes!