Reaching your goals

ambition with actions.png

Goal attainment requires intention.  We all have ambitions; yet, ambition alone does not fully lend itself to reaching your goals.  You have to couple desire and determination with actions.  This is where a lot of people can fall short.

At the end of last year I was spending some time vision casting and set some financial goals for my job and my business.  These goals were not just in my head, but I also wrote them down.  Writing them down included me breaking them down into tangible actions.  One of these actions required me to be ambitious to seek out opportunities that would align with my desired financial goal.  This is exactly how you couple ambition with action to yield goal attainment.  The first quarter of the year is not even over and I have already exceeded one of the three financial goals I had for myself.  I would like to think that it would not have been possible without using the strategies I just shared.  Think about your current goals.  Have you paired ambition and action to each of these?  If so, are you actively tapping into that ambition and action each day, week, month?  I want to reach with you GOal getter! ~MGc