The importance of focus

focusThe law of attraction says that whatever we focus on manifests.  Another way to think about this is that whatever we focus on magnifies.  It is very easy to focus on things that do not lead to productivity and positive outcomes.  For example, as our day begins we can get sucked into our inbox or get a call from someone that drags us into other people’s issues, etc.  These things should not subconsciously end up hijacking or directing your day.

Focus drives everything!  Terri S. Foy says that you have to ‘no’ your way to success.  This is essentially remembering to ‘say yes to you.’  You have to focus to get the outcomes you desire i.e. to be successful.  You should set the trajectory of your day based on your goals.  To do this, it’s as easy as beginning to ask yourself a few questions.

What things are you focused on today, this week, this month, quarter, and year?  Do your daily activities support these things?  Does what you are listening to align with these things?  Are your thoughts reinforcing or counter intuitive to these things?  The answers to these questions will help you to identify if you are focused in the areas that you desire and prompt you to what you might need to do to ‘no’ your way to success and say ‘yes to you.’ ~MGc