Minimize Maximize Close

Minimize maximize close

You likely use these buttons throughout the day when working on your computer.  Have you ever stopped to consider the relevance these buttons have on your life?  If you want to ensure optimal system performance, allow this to serve as your Quick Start Guide.

Minimize your complaining.

Maximize your thanksgiving.

CLOSE your mouth (because you are depleting your system capacity to run as it was designed).

If you check the fine print, Philippians 2:14 instructs you to do everything without complaining.  The tongue is a small part of the body.  Yet, just like a tiny ember can start a fire; your words are fueling your situation.  

He can’t do nothing with your complaining but let you keep wandering in the wilderness.  Give Him something to work with.  Allow your tongue to start a fire that can’t be contained by maximizing your thanksgiving.  In everything give thanks; be grateful. 

What you maximize is what you focus on.  Nothing changes until you change.  If you’re tired of the wilderness and want to shorten your journey, refer back to this Quick Start Guide.




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