Your Story

My husband recently shared with me how a friend shared with his boss about a trauma he had experienced as a child.  In his sharing this unknown aspect about himself with the supervisor, it solidified an innate and valuable trait, resilience.

It is inevitable that we will go through situations and experiences in life that are equivalent to storms.  While in the throws of these storms, it is easy to lose sight, feel discouraged, and devoid of hope.  Yet, when that storm dissipates, I have learned in my own reflection, that my story is someone’s cure.  Our story is our secret weapon.  Our story is one of many factors that distinguish us and shape our perspective.

There is no shame in your story!  Arrest the aspects of your story that attempt to hold you hostage.  Realize that your story makes you Armed and Dangerous.  Begin to walk in complete freedom and share your story.  Your experience wasn’t solely for you.  Your story is someone’s cure.  ~MGc

Your story