I’m here to help you…

establish goals

develop a plan

execute your purpose

hold you accountable

Maybe you’re contemplating your purpose.  Maybe you are considering a major life change.  Maybe you want to start your own business.  Maybe you aren’t clear on where to begin.   Maybe you are stuck and in need of a push and perspective.  Maybe you are already highly successful and need someone to champion you to your next.

When most people think of an end goal they’d like to see; they take corresponding action to reach the goal but rarely measure progress along the way, do not make necessary adjustments to maintain progress, and do not have the supports or accountability in place to help them sustain. I’ve noticed that people usually give up on success when 1 or 2 minor adjustments would have made the difference. MGc serves as an intermediary to the end goal by challenging its clients to See It, Say It, Live It.

Access the Consultation Information Worksheet to share your coaching and/or consultation needs.

My Why.  It is my inherent belief that people have within them, the capacity to succeed, but are challenged with identifying and overcoming obstacles along the way.

My Approach.  MGc helps transform opportunity into outcome by creating measurable strategies to assist you in achieving success.  I help you identify obstacles.  I provide personalized, comprehensive feedback that addresses identified strengths and weaknesses. A holistic approach is taken to convert beliefs and behaviors into growth opportunities and ultimately, success for the client.

My Clients.  I work with individuals and agencies.  Personal coaching needs range from time management, dissertation content support and edits, budgeting,  goal creation and execution, pre-marital, motivational and mindshift.  Professional coaching needs range from student, career to entrepreneur exploration, business planning, strategizing,  and mentorship. Clients range from new business startup’s to 50 years of operation as far east as Asia to geographically diverse agencies in Hawaii, Michigan, and Alabama.  For those that are willing to put in the work, success is inevitable.

If you and your fiance desire, pre-marital coaching, please access the Pre-Marital Information Worksheet to share your needs.  Within 48 hours, I will follow up with you to get you scheduled.