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About the Book
It is said that we are either in a storm, coming out of a storm, or about to enter into a storm. In this collection of testimonies, eight women share their storm experiences (dealing with self esteem, abandonment, rejection, adoption, marriage, divorce, infertility, loss, abortion, murder, forgiveness, addiction, and cancer). If you aren’t currently in a storm because you’ve travailed through or because you are about to enter into, these testimonies will serve as encouragement for you to hold on for what is ahead and to rest and be renewed in what you’ve overcome. If you are currently in a storm, these testimonies will silence the deafening beliefs that you’re alone; defeated, and you won’t see your way through. These women emerge from their experiences with power and are a testimony that you can triumphantly overcome your storm and proclaim that you’re Armed and Dangerous.

If you hunger for healing, hope, and encouragement; God is going to reveal Himself to you through these writings. You too can thrive through the storm.

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Armed and Dangerous Book



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About the Book
The Armed and Dangerous Workbook is a companion to the Armed and Dangerous book. In this workbook, the author builds upon a collection of testimonies that are intended to help the reader discover important insights about their own experiences, the impact of these experiences on their life, and how to use this information for personal growth and development. A practical approach is used that blends open-ended, thought provoking questions, and prompts to elicit reflective thought.

The workbook is intended for multiple audiences to include individuals, small groups, as well as therapist working with clients and process groups. Each chapter contains an individual component as well as discussion that lends itself to groups and experiential activities.

Armed and Dangerous Workbook