I provide an array of consultations services to include individual, group, organization / agency, community and legal.

About Consultation. Consultation is an indirect service directly provided to a consultee. Consultation is collaborative, supportive, problem oriented, and solution focused. The process can involve relationship building, problem identification, analysis, intervention, implementation and evaluation. In this capacity, my role is to advocate, serve as an expert, trainer/educator, collaborator, fact finder, and process specialist to achieve the desired goals of the service.

Client centered case consultation is a mental health focused consultation where I act as an expert to make recommendations to the consultee about a case. Clinical behavioral and mental health consultation service is available for case record review and professional analysis, deposition preparation, court accompaniment, and phone calls for legal purposes.  Services provided may include findings, impressions, opinions, conclusions, and recommendations regarding the client, case, or legal issue(s) at hand. These services are not intended for the purpose of therapy.

Program centered administrative consultation allows me to assist individuals, groups, organizations, and agencies to improve programming, systems, and operational processes. This may include quality assurance, performance improvement, policy develop, and systems change. Organizational effectiveness is often the goal.

Consultee centered administrative consultation is designed to work with administrators within organizations to resolve problems related to policy and personnel management. The consultant acts as a coach to the administrator with the goal of successfully achieving organizational success.

Principles of behavioral science are used across consultation to assist the consultee to be more efficient, effective, and goal driven.