The grant process is highly competitive and shouldn’t be left to chance or in the hands of someone without specialized experience.  MGc grant development services help you to be a competitive contender.

After initial free consultation, MGc will provide a tentative task timeline and a contract to you for your review.  Post contract agreement and initial payment, MGc will provide you one, some, or all of the following services.


adult books business coffeeMGc grant writing services include content narrative development inclusive of quantitative data.  Proposal is written to align with the requirements of the prospective funding source.  Access to agency information, data, etc. helps to aid robust content development.


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Educating oneself on the award history of the funder is essential to a competitive grant submission.  MGc will research past funding history as well as thoroughly review the expectations of the funder.  MGc values relationship and as such works to help ensure  success of the proposed program through individual and/or departmental consultation which includes coaching sessions. In these sessions, MGc provides suggestions and offers sound advice for your grant proposals. For example, MGc offers insight on ways to enhance the proposal, feedback on why you may not have received funding in the past, etc.


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Your agency may not be in need of grant writing; but, instead would benefit from a keen eye to proofread your developed proposal prior to submission. MGc will proofread your proposal to make sure your message is clear and that you’ve followed the expectations of the prospective funder. A second set of trained eyes on your proposal is valuable.  As a federal grant reviewer who reads and scores grants from all over the country for award, MGc can alert you to areas requiring attention before they impact your scoring.


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Grant requirements are notorious for complex and sometimes highly technical expectations.  Meticulous and skilled editing is necessary so that you don’t erroneously lose points because you are over the word count, page numbers and section headers aren’t included, and you have spelling, grammar, and punctuation errors that distract from the intent of the message.  MGc will eliminate spelling, grammar, and punctuation mistakes, improve your language, including your expression and tone, and ensure all formatting requirements are met so that errors don’t take away from your competitive edge.

Post Award Support

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Congratulations, you’ve been awarded!  Now what?  Many people believe the hardest part of the process was getting the award, until they read all the jargon in their notice of award.  MGc helps to take the guess work out of what you need to do to maintain the grant and to sustain the revenue the grant provides to your agency.  Post grant award support is available to  help with a variety of expectations related to the grant award. This includes continuation submissions,  data collection, tracking, analysis, grant compliance monitoring, grant reports, site visit preparation, outcome evaluation and more.  MGc will be with you every step of the way.

Fees are based on the depth of service provided and range from $100/hour up to 1% of the grant award. Fee is determined at the time of contract execution.

If you believe MGc is right for you, please contact me for a free consultation to determine appropriateness of fit, grant readiness and discuss goals and needs.