Alumni Group

MGc Alumni Group is a quarterly no cost alumni only group.  The purpose of this group is to help past and present MGc alums connect, sustain, and develop through purposed conversations.  The quarterly lunch and learn call with video capability allows participants to continue to sustain their wins while celebrating others.  Each call ranges 20-40 minutes in duration, includes a 5-10 minute specialty topic from a skilled speaker, allows for dialogue, and opportunity to get any burning questions you have answered.  To confirm your attendance, please complete the contact form below with your name, email, date to attend, and any questions you would like addressed on the call. The call is free to all active and inactive MGc consultation, coaching or mentoring clients who financially secured their original service(s).


Accountability Group

An inherent need for all human beings is belonging.  One of my favorite authors, Brene Brown, said ‘sometimes you just can’t do it alone.’  When we have to answer to others, we often find the capacity to do things that we could not do on our own.  Peer connectedness and group participation strengthens our capacity. 

Everyone needs accountability!  This monthly accountability group is for like minded current MGc clients, alums, and goal minded people.  With an iron sharpens iron concept, the purpose of this group is to exchange goals, make progress toward goals, and to receive support to ensure sustained wins.  The culture of the group is one of encouragement, support, and respectful confrontation. 

The group meets for 45-90 minutes on the first Monday of each month.  Monthly meetings for 2018 are March 5, April 2, May 7, June 4, July 2, August 6, September 10, October 1, November 5, and December 3.  Cost associated with participation are provided below.  Current (i.e. active) MGc consultation, coaching or mentoring client cost for accountability group is free!

Foundational principles of the MGc Accountability Group:

1. Priority

Participants give high priority to attendance, punctuality, goal attainment, peer support,  and to commitments.

2. Preparation and Participation

Participates adequately prepare prior to group to actively participate in group without dominating the group.

3. Respect

Participants respect themselves, group members, the group process, and the group leader to ensure transparency and openness in the group environment.  This helps to foster safety and allow open communication.

4. Confidences

Participants acknowledge that maintaining confidences is essential to transparency and as such, keep all information in the strictest confidence.

5. Maximum Potential

Participants actively seek to fully maximize their potential.

6. Care and Support

Participants agree to provide care and encouragement for one another.

7. Accountability

Participants acknowledge that the group involves identification of aspects that require celebration and attention.  Participants agree to be  held accountable by the group through peer support and respectful confrontation to each participants shared goals and commitments. 

8. Staying the Course

Participants commit individually and collectively to stay the course and continue to strive toward goals even when successes might not always be apparent.


MGc Accountability Group

Non-MGc client group participant per group cost is $20.



MGc Accountability Group

Inactive MGc client (i.e. currently inactive MGc client with previous paid MGc consultation, coaching, or mentoring package service) per group cost is $15.