Write in Pencil

write in pencil - blog.png

When given the chance, you should write in pencil!  This remarkable concept came when I was reading Cold Tangerines by Shauna Niequist. I’ve always considered pencils as boring.  If given the choice, I gravitate towards writing in pens because they are so exciting with all their color choices, gels, liquids, fine point, roller ball, and the options go on and on.

Yet, I realized that God writes in pencil.  When I came to this realization, I became motivated to write in pencil.  In reflection, I thought about how often in my own life I had written in pen and not allowed myself the opportunity to accept mistakes, shortcomings, and compromise. By writing in pen, I had subconsciously shortchanged myself.  Had I been writing in pencil more, I could have taken a note from the creator.  He writes in pencil more often than not.  He erases our insecurities, guilt, wrongs, and so much more.  He removes (or erases) these things as far apart as our minds could fathom. When a pen is necessary, I can see how He takes a big Sharpie and writes out loud to reiterate his goodness, his promises, forgiveness, compassion, grace, mercy, unfailing love, and so much more.  When given the chance, I’m going to write in pencil more.  It will likely be mechanical just to keep it interesting.

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